Meet the Founder

Veronica - Your Experienced Hairstylist

                    Welcome to Vibrantly Admired stylz of beauty

  Vibrantly Admired stylz of beauty (Vastylz) is your multi-textured hair care salon serviced by Veronica, a hairstylist with over ten years of experience. Offering you, not only quality hair salon services but also eliminating the guessing game on which products to use in order to maintain the care for your hair. Presenting you with "Luv THA HAIR Collection's" quality hair extensions and essential protective style products. I strive to help you maintain the luv for your protective hairstyles while caring for your real hair.


  One of our top-selling products is the "Essential Scalp Oil". Perfect for protective hairstyles, our Essential Scalp Oil is a must-have for anyone looking to maintain a healthy scalp.

 Our most popular type of hair extension is, "Luv THA Water Wave Collection Set". This innovative product offers quick and easy curls that are both voluminous and lightweight, giving you a soft and natural feel.

 I believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in a hairstyle that defines them. That's why I'm committed to providing you with exceptional customer service and products that deliver real results. Shop your favorites from the collection, and achieve the stylz you want.