Home Remedies Help In Hair Growth

Home Remedies Help In Hair Growth

Let's start from the first remedy .

Ingredients: Acacia concinna powder(shikakai powder) and curd .

Recipe : Take some shikakai powder in a bowl according to your hair length . Like I have really long hair that's why I take 4 tablespoon of shikakai powder. If your hair length is short and of medium length then 2 or 3 tablespoons of shikakai powder is enough. After this ,add double amount of curd in the bowl. For eg : if 4 tablespoon of shikakai then it means we should add 8 tablespoons of curd.

Mix both the ingredients and make a paste . Your hair pack is ready . Apply this paste on your scalp and wait for 2 hours . After 2 hours wash your hair with your normal shampoo.

Move on to second.

Ingredients : Onion …..that's it .

Remedy : First of all grate one normal sized onion . After this, squeeze that grated onion to get it's juice. Add this onion juice in your normal hair oil and give your hair a gentle massage with this onion oil . After 5 or 6 hours wash your hair with your regular shampoo….

Both of these remedies are really amazing. You can try any of these remedies. These remedies are the best remedies used by Indian women . Even I use these remedies personally. I hope these home remedies will help you.

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